Installing Oracle R

I’m trying to learn R, particularly Oracle R. Setting it up on a W7 laptop first and see what can be learned. Then possibly some bigger machines, later.

Pulled a getting started doc from Oracle’s website
“ore-trng1-gettingstarted-1501628.pdf” The whole series of training documents are helpful to get started.

Adding a user went fine as well running “rquser.sql” (provided by Oracle), but I prefer a less cryptic script. So I replaced some of the code in rquser.sql for the next time I run it:

-- create RQUSER user
create user &&new_user_name identified by &&new_password
default tablespace &&new_default_tablespace
temporary tablespace &&new_temp_tablespace
quota &&new_quota on &&new_default_tablespace;

-- grant privileges
grant create session, rqrole
to &&new_user_name;

-- BUG: the following grant does not work when granted to RQROLE
grant execute on rqsys.rqGroupEvalImpl to &&new_user_name;

alter session set current_schema = &&new_user_name;

Not sure why you’d grant quota to anything other than the default tablespace on Oracle XE.

Next, started the two R clients. The first was the generic R 64-bit version and ran a few of the demo packages. Then I tried the RStudio and compared the graphics pretensions between the two. Caught me off guard when it asked me what tool to use to open the demo file, from RStudio, of course RStudio, it worked.

I did get the error:

Error: cannot change value of locked binding for 'all'

Going back into the database, found I had to grant execute on SYS.DBMS_SYSTEM to rqsys for rqsys.libPath.

Overall the instructions provided by Oracle are good. They worked perfectly where I followed them.

Now on to more.