NEXTGEN Oracle Database Appliance

I’m excited about the new X3-2 Oracle Database Appliance. I’m a bit hesitant about the whole VM idea, but maybe I’m just a database machine purist. See the details on Oracle’s Site (look for ODA X3-2).

I’m most excited about 2 items, 1) more memory and 2) then disk expansion unit. 256 Gb for each server, so 1/2 a terabyte for the cluster, nice! We get a 30% higher disk capacity at 9 Tb double mirror redundancy and 6 Tb triple mirror redundancy for disk and 4 200 G SSD, AND a expansion storage to double all that! I think the new processors will help speed the memory access with the newer architectures that increase access speeds there.

I know that not everybody is ready for the 10G Network, but it’s perfect to grow into for those that are not. Still love the capacity on demand licensing.