Think I might learn Oracle R

With the Big Data explosion happening, coming or whatever it’s doing. I think it’s time for some new skills. I think I might learn Oracle R. Got some basic hadoop knowledge, but realize the next gen Geeks may be more supermen with multiple skills of statistics, hardware, software, business analysts, network engineers, system engineers and more. Time to learn some more skills and tricks.

I’ve seen the tech world make some drastic changes before. Mainframe to VAX VMS, then Unix, then the rise of the Personal Computer, phone, pad. Central Computing to Client Server… Oracle 5,6,7,8i,9i,10g,11g, 12… Central Data Center to Matrix workers. …makes my brain hurt thinking all the times I’ve had to learn a new technology just to keep current. Pondering some “Expanding/Contracting Theories of Computing” … too deep. Whatever is happening, I’m hearing more rumors of some solid changes toward Big Data, so it’s that time again and I’d better get ready.

Christmas just passed, and I attempted to teach my boys the many important things like “Baby Jesus”, and it’s complicated. Some change and some stay the same. There are things that stay the same like God and His adult son, but technology changes. So with my laptop, Doritos, and a “red-hot smokin’ wife” at my side, it’s time to grow again. Next up, “ORACLE R”.