Exadata Storage Index Aging – Part 2A

Continuing from Storage Index Aging – part 1 the test was re-run. This time the In-Line (IL) test was run for the most recent test column and then proceeding backwards through the most recently run columns, then running the remaining columns in the 21 column set for the table.

Here’s a quick graphic that may be easier to visualize.

Test 2 - Test Plan

Test 2 – Test Plan

This set of tests are closer to what I expected, but those “pesky” columns 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 and 21 are still not offloading the way I’d like, so I’ll fix that in Test 2B (next blog).

On the bright side, we see more of the columns persisting in the IL tests. Looks like 6 out of our expected 8 columns are persisting without aging out. Also, although the columns above are “pesky”, they may also be telling us something about how the aging process works. But for now it’s still just an observation.

Also note the persistence of columns 18 and 19, still the same as in Test 1.

Output Data (Abbreviated):

Image with partial output data:

Partial Image of Data Results - Test 2a

Partial Image of Data Results – Test 2a

Excel file with more output data: dcox_exadata_storage_index_aging_test2

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