I like Violin plots in R

I like the Violin plot and here’s one compared to a box plot.  It’s a box plot and a Kernel Density plot together.

VIOLINPLOT_Example Violin PlotBOXPLOT_exampleBox Plot

The R code to produce it is below.

Read more on the wiki Wiki Violin Plots

I like these sites too. R-Bloggers Vioplots with Clipping, Box Plots Reference

> x2 <- racot$ELAPSED_SECONDS[racot$THREADS==2 & racot$TEST_CORES==2]
> x4 <- racot$ELAPSED_SECONDS[racot$THREADS==4 & racot$TEST_CORES==2]
> x8 <- racot$ELAPSED_SECONDS[racot$THREADS==8 & racot$TEST_CORES==2]
> x16 <- racot$ELAPSED_SECONDS[racot$THREADS==16 & racot$TEST_CORES==2]
> vioplot(x2,x4,x8,x16,names=c("2","4","8","16"),col="Blue")
> title('RAC ONE - 2 Cores per Proc (4 Total)',xlab="Long Threads",ylab="Elapsed Seconds")

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