NEXTGEN Oracle Database Appliance

I’m excited about the new X3-2 Oracle Database Appliance. I’m a bit hesitant about the whole VM idea, but maybe I’m just a database machine purist. See the details on Oracle’s Site (look for ODA X3-2).

I’m most excited about 2 items, 1) more memory and 2) then disk expansion unit. 256 Gb for each server, so 1/2 a terabyte for the cluster, nice! We get a 30% higher disk capacity at 9 Tb double mirror redundancy and 6 Tb triple mirror redundancy for disk and 4 200 G SSD, AND a expansion storage to double all that! I think the new processors will help speed the memory access with the newer architectures that increase access speeds there.

I know that not everybody is ready for the 10G Network, but it’s perfect to grow into for those that are not. Still love the capacity on demand licensing.

One thought on “NEXTGEN Oracle Database Appliance

  1. Couple of tidbits on the VM piece …
    1) VM is optional. Bare Metal config is the default that ships from the factory.
    2) Oracle’s implementation of VM on this system is such that the database has direct access to storage i.e. no VM tax for disk I/O

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