Old, but Not Dead Yet

I grew up putting bikes together from the neighbor’s junk and selling ’em.  I still have a hard time passing up a great deal.  I’ve seen a T2000 for under $900 that would have sold for over $20K just a few years ago.  As I’ve looked around there are tons of great deals on old, but not dead yet hardware.  I could get by, but having a few more toys at home sometimes helps out with the home training time (at least it sounds good in my head).

I’ve gone up and down in the home office, 1 server, 5 servers, a server room, no server room and back to 1 server.

Right now I’m down at 2 servers and adding a third.  Thought I could keep it to only 2 (1 Windows and 1 Solaris server), but now I need want a Linux server to learn on.   And yes I’ll be adding Virtual Box to both, maybe all three.

So, I found a X2200 I couldn’t live without.  I just couldn’t resist getting a rack mounted server for my home office.  HOWEVER; It is much bigger in the home office than they are at work, this create a bit of a problem.  It’s big, generates a bit of heat, heavy, noisy and seems to a bit much.  Still I have a plan, might not be the best, but we’ll see.

The wall is an ugly place to hang a computer for a home office, the closet doesn’t provide enough cooling, so I decide on a under table mount.  It cost under $20 for the metal, a little welding, drilling, hardware and paint and I’m done.  Of course I worked for free.

It’s a little bit loud, but I’ve got a few Sun Rays in the house, so we won’t have to be in the office.

I’d be glad to hear how you set up your toys home office.